First Solo Exhibition "Glass Sculptures" in Gezira Art Center in Cairo, November 2010, and Atelier d'Alexandrie, December 2010 to January 2011
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Yasmina Heidar proudly has declared her official website opening on August, 2010. The website contains updated data about the artist works and activities all over the world.

The Arts Center at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA) is holding "the Alexandria International Symposium for Sculpture in Natural Materials", as part of the Arts Summer Festival, under the auspices of Dr. Ismail Serageldin; the BA Director, and under the direction of Maestro Sherif Mohie El Din; Director of the BA Arts Center, Dr. Mostafa El Razzaz; Plastic Arts Advisor and with the coordination of the distinguished Arts Center team.

This fifth round is directed by Dr. Yasmina Heidar; Project Commissioner for 2010. It is considered to be the first symposium in Egypt and the Middle East that is dedicated to Glass Art, where glass is the basic material that artists use to create innovative art works using different techniques for shaping glass; such as blowing, casting, assemblage, engraving and direct sculpture. The Symposium opening ceremony takes place on 1 July 2010 at 8:00 pm at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina Plaza.

3D Glass Art

This Symposium brings together 16 experienced artists from Egypt, Italy, Greece, Cyprus and the Czech Republic to share their experiences and use their potential to produce unique artistic creations expressed in glass, exploring the charm and mystery of the material, by using different visual, fictional and intangible aspects which are hard to accomplish in any other material. The workshop also seeks to deepen the artistic experience and open new horizons by connecting different cultures to build a bridge of constant cooperation based on dialogue, mutual understanding and exchanging experiences.

Since Alexandria was the most important center for manufacturing and shaping glass in the ancient world ancient Egyptian and Roman civilizations, where glass art then spread to the world, and developed amazingly; this Symposium is a unique opportunity for Alexandria to present this art that departed, changed and developed over the successive ages. It reveals new creative aspects which allow artists to create different works related to the surrounding environment, to reveal unique expressions obtained by using different artistic elements which integrate color, reflecting different human feelings and giving rise to various psychological effects, as well as cultural significances that evolve within brave artistic practices.

In order to offer the brave artistic practice an opportunity to exist, the artist lives the complete experiment and becomes a part of it, bringing it wherever he goes, masters the tools and the practice, and associates with it through profoundly realizing and comprehending all aspects. If the practice follows an accurate system and has no boundaries or limitations, the results shall be independent and positive. When the artistic practice is defined here as three-dimensional visual art work, it reflects certain concepts and has a certain energy that is defined by its existence in the space and its reaction with color and light, it transmits energies that directly affect human vitality and thinking, and the surrounding environment.

Yasmina Heidar, PhD
Symposium Commissioner
June 2010



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